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Which pitch suits your needs?

Randers City Camp boasts 192 pitches, ranging from open spaces to secluded spots amongst the trees. Our pitches vary in standards allowing you to choose a pitch that meets your demands. Each pitch is prepared with care for the natural environment, and you will therefore find pitches of varying shapes, sizes and altitudes. Some attract the sun all day and others are more sheltered. All pitches have access to electricity and water within a short distance. We also allow tents and motor homes on all pitches on the campsite.

When you book your stay through our online booking system, you can select the pitch of your choice from our Site Map. Therefore, it may be in your interest to pre-book if it is important for you to stay near the Playground or Service Building.

Standard Pitch

I you do not wish to pay for extra comfort or a view, one of our Standard Pitches will be suitable for you.

Comfort Pitch

If you are seeking a little luxury, one of our Comfort Pitches may be of interest to you. Here you are able to connect water, electricity and drains directly to your camper van. All of our comfort pitches are also situated near the Service Buildings.

Campervan Pitch

If you wish to stay amongst other Campervans, our brand new Campervan Pitches are the ideal choice for you. Here you find peace and quiet with lots of elbow room. The Pitches are at least 10 x 7 meters, so there is space for all types of Campervans. The price for staying here reflects the package you choose – short or long stay, as well as with or without access to facilities or electricity.

Viewpoint Pitch

If you choose one of our Viewpoint Pitches you will wake up to panoramic views of the breathtaking Nørreå Valley. Our Viewpoint Pitches all face south and soak up the suns rays all day.

Tent Pitch

If you are staying in a tent and prefer to be situated next to other tents, a tent pitch is ideal for you. Electricity is available throughout the tent area.